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The cost of electricity would fall by 7% if the UK Government followed its advisor’s recommendation to increase onshore wind power production.

The Committee on Climate Change advised ministers to nearly triple the UK’s onshore wind power capacity from 13GW at present to 35GW by 2035.

A separate report by Vivid Economics has now quantified the benefits, calculating that erecting wind turbines instead of building gas-fired power stations would ensure household electricity bills were £50 lower in 2035.

Employment in the wind sector would also nearly triple, supporting 31,000 jobs by 2035 with 14,000 directly employed in the industry, up from 5,300 direct jobs now.

Cheapest route to 2050 net zero target

Emma Pinchbeck, Deputy Chief Executive at trade body RenewableUK, which commissioned Vivid’s research, said: “Now that the Government has announced that it will set a legally binding target to reach net zero emissions by 2050, it needs to make use of the cheapest technology to get there – and to do so swiftly, as people are demanding immediate action on climate change."

“They also want lower electricity bills in the decades ahead, and skilled jobs."

“Onshore wind is treated as the Cinderella of energy policy by Government but in reality, it should be their Fairy Godmother – one of the few technologies that can grant all of these wishes.”

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