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More than 400 of the world’s largest businesses have pledged to support the Paris Agreement reached at the United Nations climate change summit.

The companies have signed the Paris Pledge for Action, which has been coordinated by the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

Some 150 cities and regions representing 150 million people have signed the pledge, along with investors representing $11 trillion of assets.

Businesses that have taken the pledge include BT, Marks & Spencer and Royal Bank of Scotland.

2C limit

The pledge said: “As cities, regions, businesses, investors, civil society groups, trade unions and other signatories, coming from every sector of society and every corner of the world, we realise that dangerous climate change threatens our ability and the ability of future generations to live and thrive in a peaceful and prosperous world.

“We also realise that taking strong action to reduce emissions can not only reduce the risks of climate change but also deliver better growth and sustainable development.

“As a result, we the undersigned, affirm our strong commitment to a safe and stable climate in which temperature rise is limited to under 2C.”

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