Prime Minister Theresa May has told the House of Commons that the UK will ratify the Paris climate change agreement.

Caroline Lucas, joint leader of the Green Party in England, raised the issue during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Lucas asked: “With the delayed carbon reduction plan and the very real risk of missing our renewable energy targets, will the Prime Minister take this opportunity to reassure people that the UK Government remains committed to climate action?

“Will it follow the example of the 26 states that have already ratified the treaty, including the United States and China? Will it give us a firm date for ratification before the follow-up negotiations in November?”

‘Second best country for tackling climate change’

May responded that her Government will be ratifying the Paris agreement.

“Indeed, it was my right honourable friend, the current Home Secretary who, as Energy Secretary, played a very key role in ensuring that the Paris agreement was achieved.,” she pointed out.

“We have been identified as the second best country in the world for tackling climate change, and I had hoped that the honourable lady would want to congratulate us."

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