Enforcement measures must be put in place to protect the environment once the UK leaves the European Union (EU), according to the House of Lords.

A report from the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee highlighted concerns over how laws designed to protect the environment would be upheld once the UK leaves the EU’s enforcement structures.

The Lords highlighted the complexity of environmental legislation and the time it would take to embed current EU regulations into UK law.
They called on the UK to coordinate its environmental standards with the EU even after Brexit is completed.

Defra states its commitment

Catherine Weller, a lawyer at specialist environmental law firm ClientEarth, said: “People must be able to go to court to defend the environment.
“This is the only way to make sure the environmental gains of the last 40 years are not lost – the best way to protect people and the planet.”

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs said: “We are committed to building on our long history of wildlife and environmental protection and securing the best deal for Britain as we leave the EU.”

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