The “ping-pong” stage of the Energy Bill is continuing in the Houses of Parliament, with the Lords adding a further amendment to try to save subsidies for some onshore wind farms.

Peers attached an amendment to the Bill that would allow projects that are at an advanced stage of development and which have local community backing to receive support under the Renewables Obligation.

The Lords think 66MW of capacity in Scotland could be added if the grace period is extended.

The Bill will now return to the House of Commons.

Back to the House of Commons

Labour’s Shadow Energy Secretary, Lisa Nandy, said: “Ministers should stop standing in the way of these wind farms, which enjoy local support and that could provide valued jobs and cheap, clean energy.

“At a time when the UK is struggling to keep the lights on and meet our climate change commitments they should not be blocking the cheapest source of low-carbon energy.”

But the measure is still likely to be removed by the Conservative government’s majority in the House of Commons.

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