A survey covering eight countries has found that 88% of the public want action to be taken to prevent climate change, even if it has an impact on today’s standards of living.

The ComRes poll found 84% of respondents in the UK want to see action, rising to more than 90% in Brazil, India and South Africa.

Climate change featured in the top three risk factors that need to be addressed for 56% of global respondents, behind the use of weapons of mass destruction and politically-motivated violence leading to war.

Global warming was seen as a more urgent risk than epidemics, population growth and the rise of artificial intelligence.

Agreement over risk

A total of 84% of respondents agree that climate change is a global catastrophic risk, compared with just 14% who disagree.

In the UK, 80% of those questions agreed climate change was a risk.

The highest percentages of people who agreed climate change was a risk came from Brazil, India and South Africa, all sitting at 90% or above.

Australia and the United States had the lowest totals in agreement, although even these figures hit 75% and 74% respectively.

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