The Informer

Companies that have signed up to the RE100 campaign to source all of their electricity from renewable energy sources are on average halfway to reaching their goal.

The 53 businesses signed up to the scheme should hit the 80% mark by 2020.

Retailers have switched the largest amount of electricity to renewables in the past year – 10.7GWh.

Information and communication technology (ICT) providers have made the most progress, with their average standing at 64%.

Post-Paris opportunity

Emily Farnworth, RE100 Campaign Director at The Climate Group, said: “The good news is that RE100 companies in every sector have made progress towards their 100% goals – or in some cases, have already got there.

“The companies that have been able to make the switch more easily are those with smaller power requirements operating mainly in the US or Europe – where renewable electricity options are most readily accessible.

“Following on from the success of COP21 in Paris, business has a real opportunity to support the transition to renewable power and help deliver major carbon cuts.”

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