A new report has outlined how large companies believe renewable energy represents a “major strategic opportunity” for their businesses.

The paper from the RE100 campaign highlighted that renewables have much lower price volatility than fossil-fuel alternatives, allowing for greater control of costs.

“Many large corporations with operations based across the European Union (EU) now recognise that meeting electricity demand from 100% renewable sources represents a major strategic opportunity,” the report said.

“Energy can be securely supplied with increased cost control, as well as helping to position businesses as progressive and forward thinking leaders in their sectors.”

Policy changes

The report called for the EU to enact policies that would make it easier for businesses to use renewable energy.

It called for the 2020 targets set under the Renewable Energy Directive to become the minimum baseline for the forthcoming 2030 goals.

Renewable energy must also be given the highest priority in grid planning, the report added.

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