Renewable energy is now the second-largest source of global electricity, according to figures from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

A total of 22.3% of the world’s electricity was generated from renewables in 2014, with hydro-electricity making up 16.4 percentage points, biofuels and waste accounting for 1.8 points and other renewables making up the remaining 4.2 points.

Coal continued to be the biggest fuel source at 40.7%, with gas at 21.6% and nuclear at 10.6%.

Oil accounted for 4.3% of electricity generation.

Renewables has lower share when transport and heat taken into account

Looking across total primary energy supply – which includes uses such as heat, cooling and transport, as well as electricity generation – renewables accounted for 13.8%.

Biofuels and waste made up 10.1 percentage points, with hydro at 2.4 points and the others accounting for the remaining 1.3 points.

Oil topped the list at 31.3%, followed by coal at 28.5%, gas at 21.2% and nuclear at 4.8%.

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