Paul Wheelhouse, the Scottish Government’s Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, is holding two summits with leaders from the energy industry to discuss the fallout from the European Union (EU) referendum.

Wheelhouse will also use the two meetings to sketch out plans for the Scottish Government’s forthcoming Climate Change Plan and Energy Strategy.

He said: “We will publish two pieces of work in the new year that will set out an ambitious framework for a truly integrated approach to energy and climate change.

“Scotland’s third Climate Change Plan will set out how we intend to meet our greenhouse gas reduction targets between now and 2032, towards a long-term reduction of 80 per cent on 1990 levels by 2050.”

Energy strategy

Wheelhouse added: “Building on the Climate Change Plan, our new Energy Strategy will demonstrate how to facilitate and capitalise on the transition to a low carbon economy, reaping social, economic and environmental benefits.

“This will form our strategic response to the challenges and opportunities facing the sector and articulate our long term vision for energy in Scotland out to 2050.

“We will seek to provide leadership, clarity and direction for industry – the impetus for which has greatly increased following the EU referendum.”

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