Wind farms have had no effect on the number of people employed in the tourism industry where they are located, according to a new report.

Consultancy firm Biggar Economics studied 18 wind farms throughout Scotland in what it said was the first independent study of its kind.

Director Graeme Blackett said: “Both renewable energy and tourism have been identified by the Scottish Government as key growth sectors, and therefore it is important to identify if there are any detrimental effects to one from the development of the other.

“What this study shows is that there is no relationship between the growth in the onshore wind sector and growth in the tourism sector.”

‘Myth’ of wind farms affecting tourism

Lindsay Roberts, Senior Policy Manager at Scottish Renewables, said: “This research joins the growing body of evidence that clearly shows there is no negative impact on the tourism industry from the development of onshore wind.

“In fact, the study found that employment in tourism in the majority of areas immediately surrounding wind farms grew faster than in the wider local authority areas where they were situated.”

Lang Banks, Director of environmental charity WWF Scotland, added: “Hopefully this latest research will finally put to bed the myth that wind farms have a negative impact on tourism jobs.”

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