A report from the British Infrastructure Group of Parliamentarians has warned that the roll out of smart meters could cost £1 billion more than previously estimated due to delays.

The paper said savings for dual-fuel customers could be as low as £26 a year and that the rollout was “almost certain” to miss its 2020 deadline.

“Mismanagement of programme developments and costs, exploitative commercial agreements, and a lack of their own installation capacity have left suppliers struggling to meet their mandated rollout obligations,” according to the Not So Smart report.

“Total programme costs are therefore set to again rise even further than predicted.”

End to estimated bills

Robert Cheesewright, Director of Policy and Communications at Smart Energy GB, the body in charge of the smart meter roll-out, responded: “All smart meters mean an end to estimated billing and give people a greater understanding of their energy use.

“Some people with first generation smart meters have experienced problems maintaining smart functionality when switching, but this is a temporary issue as all first-generation smart meters will be enrolled into a new secure smart data network to make switching quicker and easier.

“The alternative to smart meters is an expensive, outdated system where we waste billions of pounds needlessly generating dirty energy, with customers facing the uncertainty of estimated bills.”

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