Great Britain’s electricity interconnector to France was damaged during Storm Angus, raising fears over risks to supply during the winter.

Four of the eight cables that make up the interconnector have been put out of action, halving the connection’s capacity to 1GW.

The interconnector won’t be fully operational again until the end of February.

Great Britain is normally a net importer of electricity through the cables, but in recent weeks France has been importing more due to nuclear power station closures.

Coal on standby

Commentators said National Grid – which operates the interconnector with French counterpart RTE – is likely to call on coal-fired power stations to help make up any shortfalls over the winter.

National Grid is investigating whether a boat’s anchor may have snagged the cables.

Great Britain has three other interconnectors, linking its electricity system to Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands, with a connection under construction to Norway and another proposed for Iceland.

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