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Ministers could save hundreds of millions of pounds by simplifying the regulations governing energy production during their spending review, according to a new report.

The Policy Exchange think tank said that the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) should sweep away swathes of energy “quangos” or “quasi-autonomy non-departmental public body”.

More than 30 quangos are currently involved in the delivery of energy policy, the management of industry codes of practice and the operation of the energy system, the report found.

Together, the quangos cost more than £600 million a year to run, the researchers said.

Three bodies recommended

Policy Exchange suggested combining the functions of at least 10 organisations to create a single energy delivery body responsible for renewable energy and energy efficiency policies.

A single industry codes body could manage the 11 codes currently shared between six organisations, including National Grid and the Energy Networks Association trade body.

An independent systems operator would take over the management of the energy system from five current bodies, the report added.

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