Bright Blue, a centre-right think tank, has called on the UK Government to adopt a legally-binding net zero emissions target.

The organisation said there was a “strong scientific, technological, legal, and political case” for achieving “deeper decarbonisation in the decades ahead”, including through the setting of such a target.

Recommendations made in Bright Blue’s paper include:

● introducing carbon permits based on advice from the Committee on Climate Change for emissions that can’t be eliminated;

● funding farmers to store carbon on their land;

● and establishing and leading an “international net zero alliance” to encourage other nations to follow suit.

The report was welcomed by Energy Minister Claire Perry.

Exporting services

Sam Hall, Head of Research at Bright Blue, said: “Eliminating entirely the UK’s domestic emissions is essential for properly tackling climate change.

“At the same time, it could help increase the ambition of other countries’ climate targets and support new UK low-carbon industries that can export their products and services abroad.

“Indeed, this could be a key component of the UK Government’s post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’ strategy.”

> Download Bright Blue's paper