The World Energy Council has dropped the UK from its energy trilemma index top ten.

The index is designed to measure 125 countries’ abilities to cope with balancing the need to decarbonise energy supplies while still ensuring security of supply and affordability.

The UK dropped to 11th in this year’s rankings, falling from tenth in 2015 and ninth in 2014.

The country still managed to retain its overall trilemma triple-A rating and was ranked eighth for the affordability of energy.

Brexit questions

The World Energy Council said: “The UK also faces significant challenges in securing energy supply following the steady decline of domestic production of fossil fuels, the phase-out of nuclear power plants, and the introduction of European legislation that would force many coal plants to close.

Ageing infrastructure, reduced investments in the wind and solar sectors, and tightened reserve capacity margins impose further strains on energy supply.

“The current uncertainty in future energy policy presented by the ‘Brexit’ referendum vote may stall necessary investments in updated energy infrastructure.”

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