Falling carbon dioxide emissions and the recently-unveiled Clean Growth Strategy have earned the UK fifth spot in a new climate change league.

Germanwatch, a sustainable development think tank, ranked the UK behind Sweden, Lithuania, Morocco and Norway.

The organisation assessed the performance of 56 countries plus the European Union collectively based on their greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency efforts, renewable energy output and the views of 300 experts.

The top three spots in the league table were left empty, signifying no country has done enough to gain a “very high” rating.

UK ‘not ambitious enough’

The UK and 14 other countries received a “high” rating.

Germanwatch said: “Within the UK the level of ambition varies: while Scotland, for example, has gone for a 2032 petrol and diesel car ban, the UK aims for 2040.

“Yet, the country’s long-term 2030 targets for emissions and renewable energy are not ambitious enough for a well-below-2°C pathway.”

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