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Britain has finished second in the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI), a ranking of how well countries are tackling climate change.

The UK rose from fifth spot in last year’s league table, while Denmark climbed from fourth spot to take first place. Sweden rose from sixth to take third position.

The index was compiled by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, a coalition made up of 120 environmental organisations, including Friends of the Earth and WWF.

Renewables overtake conventional

Jan Burck, author of the CCPI, said: “We see global trends, indicating promising shifts in some of the most relevant sectors for climate protection and important steps towards a transformation of the energy system.

“The energy intensity of the global economy is further declining. In the next years, it will be crucial to decarbonise the energy sector on a global scale.

“The years 2013 and 2014 saw for the first time a higher amount of newly installed capacity from renewables than from all other energy sources combined; indicating that many countries have already started decarbonising their energy sector.”

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