Wind turbines could meet nearly a third of Europe’s power demand if the right policies are put in place, according to a pair of reports.

The WindEurope trade body’s two documents said Europe could install an average of 12.6GW of wind capacity each year up to 2020, taking the total to 204GW.

The total could reach 323GW by 2030, providing 30% of the continent’s power, the reports added.

But the studies warned that the growth will be concentrated in just six countries – Germany, UK, France, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium – with Central and Eastern Europe “lagging well behind”.

‘Uncertain’ outlook after 2020

Giles Dickson, Chief Executive of WindEurope, said: “Wind energy is now firmly established as the cheapest form of new power generation.

“But the outlook from 2020 is uncertain.

“The industry needs binding and ambitious National Energy & Climate Action Plans that provide clarity on post-2020 volumes, which will allow cost reductions to continue.”

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