Faster wind speeds during the opening months of the year have helped the amount of electricity generated from turbines to hit a record high.

Wind farms in Great Britain generated 11.3TWh of electricity during January, February and March, according to figures from Enappsys.

The figure was up 31% year-on-year and up 23% on the previous quarter, during which wind speeds had been slower.

The report also noted that the amount of electricity generated by solar panels had risen “considerably” in March.

Renewables second behind gas

Gas accounted for 40.7% of generation, while renewables contributed 23.4%, nuclear 20.1% and coal 11.8%.

Imports provided the remaining 3.9%.

Within the renewables figure, 59.3% came from wind farms, 23.2% from biomass plants, 9% from solar farms and 8.5% from hydro-electricity stations.

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