National Grid has used its 2016-17 Winter Outlook report to reassure customers that blackouts during the winter are very unlikely.

The electricity system operator said that the grid’s capacity margin has increased from the 5.5% predicted during the summer to 6.6%.

Phil Sheppard, Director of System Operations at National Grid, said: “Since publishing the provisional winter margin in July, additional electricity generation has been made available to the market.

“This has had a positive impact on the outlook for winter, increasing the margin between potential supply and demand.”

Eggborough reprieve

The Eggborough coal-fired power station, which was due to shut down over the winter, will be kept partially open until March.

The UK’s interconnector with Ireland – which usually exports electricity over the winter – has also broken down, leaving more electricity available in the Great Britain.

The capacity margin compares to last winter’s 5.1%, which National Grid described as “tight, but manageable”.

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