Our story

As an energy retailer, we are focused on purchasing renewable energy and supplying electricity to large business customers across the National Electricity Market (NEM).

SmartestEnergy does not own any fossil fuel or any generation assets at all. We contract with independent renewable generators and access the wholesale market to provide the energy we need to power our customers.

We’ve been in Australia since 2020, although our history dates back over 20 years when SmartestEnergy Limited began operating in the UK as an aggregator of independent renewable generators in 2001.

In 2019, SmartestEnergy Limited began its expansion internationally when it established its first overseas office in Syracuse, New York, US. Our Sydney office followed soon after, and we now have second office in Melbourne.

We’re a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marubeni Corporation of Japan, which gives us the global resilience to match our local expertise.

SmartestEnergy is fully licensed by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

Driving positive change

Australia is in the midst of a rapid energy transition as it shifts away from being powered by a small number of fossil fuel generators towards a cleaner, more decentralised and resilient energy system.

At the same time, companies want to positively contribute to the transition and deliver on their sustainability targets, while minimising unpredictable costs and managing their energy use and source more proactively.

SmartestEnergy helps you see energy as an asset that can be managed intelligently to create additional value. By harnessing the flexibility of end consumers, energy generators and storage, we can empower you to achieve your business ambitions.

Stay informed

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