GreenPower accredited electricity

SmartestEnergy is proud to work with GreenPower to provide customers with a way to purchase accredited renewable energy. By choosing to include GreenPower in your electricity contract you can improve the sustainability credentials of your company and provide stakeholders with quantifiable actions to reduce emissions.


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What is GreenPower?

GreenPower is a government-accredited scheme that enables consumers to buy ‘certificates’ generated by renewable energy sources, which can offset usage from the grid. In other words, rather than buying general carbon offsets which could come from a range of different projects - tree planting or wetland restoration, for example - you will specifically offset your unavoidable carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy generation.


What are LGCs?

Under the Renewable Energy Target (RET), Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) are certificates produced by large scale renewable power producers for every megawatt hour of energy they produce. These are sold to retailers on behalf of customers, creating a market that provides financial incentives to renewable generators, encouraging innovation and development of renewable sources over fossil fuels.

GreenPower independently audits retailers and generators to ensure that the LGC inventory matches the amount of renewable energy sold to customers.

Benefits for businesses

When you purchase GreenPower as part of your electricity contract you may be eligible to display the GreenPower logo as part of your marketing material:

  • If 10% or more of your business' annual electricity consumption is GreenPower accredited, you’re eligible to use the GreenPower Customer Logo on marketing materials.
  • If 50% or more of your annual usage is GreenPower accredited, you can list your business on the GreenPower government website and receive additional promotional support.

Using the well-established GreenPower logo in this way clearly identifies your commitment to reducing your business’ impact on the environment.

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