Renewable Energy

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Our Renewable Energy offset products enable you to reduce your business’s reportable carbon emissions, and support renewable projects in Australia while securing budget certainty. We’ll provide you with renewable energy offsets backed by Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs), which prove that your offsets have been sourced from a renewable generator. We’ll enable you to fix your price, and we’ll take care of balancing the generation to your electricity demand, so you can be completely confident that you’ll always have a secure supply of renewable electricity offsets at a clear price.

For customers who choose a 100% Renewable Energy product during their contract with SmartestEnergy we provide additional reporting that supports your organisation to demonstrate their sustainability actions

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Under the Renewable Energy Target (RET), LGCs are certificates created by large scale renewable power producers for every megawatt hour of energy they produce. LGCs are sold to retailers on behalf of customers, creating a market that provides financial incentives to renewable generators, encouraging innovation and development of renewable sources.

For more information on LGCs and other environmental certificates please see our Knowledge Base article.

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When you choose our Renewable Energy product, you’ll benefit from:

  • Fixed certificate rates, giving you total price certainty.
  • Short to long term contract periods available to any large business customer
  • The ability to choose any % of renewable offsets to match your supply and sustainability ambitions.

100% Renewable Energy offset customers also benefit from:

  • Unique LGC surrender reporting
  • Full visibility of LGC generation-to-surrender information

Renewable Energy Plus

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Our Renewable Energy Plus product gives you even more control over your electricity contract, as we enable you to specify the type of generation source that you would like to support. If you’d like to source your offsets from an individual project, particular state, a certain technology or you’d rather choose a project of a specific size, we’ll structure your contract to ensure that it meets your goals in these areas. This type of contract is often known as a Retail Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and by entering into a Retail PPA, your business will be actively supporting the deployment of additional renewable energy projects on the grid.

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A Retail PPA is where a Retailer has entered into a PPA directly with a renewable energy project. With our Renewable Energy Plus product, we’ll negotiate the PPA with the renewable energy developer, so you can get the optimum price for your business whilst avoiding the complexities of negotiating and ongoing management of a PPA.

A Retail PPA is different to a Wholesale PPA, which is a financial instrument that has no relationship to the physical electricity supply agreement with your energy retailer. Many businesses opt for Retail PPAs over Wholesale PPAs as they are not financial derivatives or credit support, and businesses often prefer their retailer to manage these complexities and market risks for them.

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When you choose our Renewable Energy Plus product, you’ll benefit from:

  • The opportunity to specify your offset sourcing requirements
  • Fixed or variable energy rates, giving you total price certainty
  • Short to long term contract periods available to any large business customer
  • The ability to choose any % of renewable offsets to match your supply & sustainability ambitions
  • Standard retail rates for billing.
  • Marketing opportunities with project linkage

How can I get a PPA?

If you are already in a wholesale PPA, or are considering this option, and wish to explore how we could manage the firming risk in balancing the renewable generation to your business demand, then please contact us and talk to our team of experts.

If you are an existing customer and wish to switch to a Renewable Energy supply or are interested in receiving a quote, then please speak to your Account Manager.

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Whether you’re interested in an electricity supply backed by LGCs or a Retail PPA, our team are here to help you to achieve your renewable energy goals.

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