Energy Plans and Terms and Conditions

Customers with electricity supply out of contract terms, and customers with annual usage under the large market threshold for their state, are eligible for different rates and Terms and Conditions than our large business customer contracts. 

Have a look over the below relevant rates and terms corresponding to your business type and if you have any related questions, contact us by phone: 1300 176 031 or email: [email protected]

Large Business Default Rates & Terms

Customers with electricity supply that falls out of contract terms are subject to our standing Default rates and the Default terms and conditions: View Electricity Default Rates (from 1st March 2024) 


Small Business Rates & Terms (VIC)

In Victoria a business is considered a Small Business for Electricity retail if you have a site or multiple sites that each use less than - 40MWh for electricity.

Energy Fact Sheets - Network area

Servicing the Western suburbs and western Victoria


Servicing the outer northern and eastern suburbs, and eastern Victoria:


Servicing the southern suburbs and Mornington Peninsula:


Servicing the city and inner suburbs:


Servicing the northern and north-western suburbs: