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19 Feb 24

Australian Energy Regulator releases advice on National Energy Customer Framework

Explore how the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is dedicated to creating a safer and more consumer-focused landscape in evolving energy markets by offering advice on how to update the National Energy Customer Framework (NECF).

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15 Feb 24

Navigating the Greenwashing Frontier: 8 Key Principles for Genuine Environmental Claims

Discover ACCC's essential guidelines for safeguarding your business reputation and avoiding greenwashing fines. Learn how to steer clear of misleading conduct, effectively showcase emission reductions, and reap the benefits of authentic environmental efforts.

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15 Feb 24

Victoria hit by major power outage: Transmission failures and soaring spot prices

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18 Jan 24

Download now: SmartestEnergy Annual Report 2023

In a year defined by energy challenges, SmartestEnergy stood resilient, driving the transition to reliable and sustainable power solutions. Explore our journey through the Annual Report 2023, capturing milestones, achievements, and our unwavering commitment to empowering you with renewable energy knowledge.

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18 Dec 23

SmartestEnergy and Enel Green Power Australia Enter Long-Term PPA for Girgarre Solar Farm

SmartestEnergy Australia will source renewable energy from the 93 MW Girgarre Solar Farm to make it available to commercial and industrial businesses nationwide. The Girgarre Solar Farm, in the Shire of Campaspe, approximately 10 km northwest of Stanhope and 50 km west of Shepparton, will produce around 200 GWh/year, powering approximately 43,000 Victorian households once fully operational.

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01 Aug 23

ACCC draft guidance aims to end greenwashing and empower consumers

ACCC's recent greenwashing internet sweep exposed 57% of businesses for potentially misleading environmental claims. This harms consumer trust and disadvantages genuinely sustainable businesses. To address this, the ACCC has just released draft guidance, offering eight practical principles to bolster the credibility of environmental claims and shield consumers from deceptive practices.

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24 Jul 23

Understanding AEMO’s budget and fees for 2023-24

A look at the AEMO final budget and fees for 2023-24, and what this means for businesses

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11 Jul 23

SmartestEnergy Australia receives Climate Active carbon neutral certification

SmartestEnergy Australia Pty Ltd proudly announces its certification as carbon neutral for its Australian business operations by Climate Active. The certification, awarded by the Australian Government, recognises SmartestEnergy Australia's commitment to voluntary climate action and its contribution towards a low-carbon future.

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26 Jun 23

SmartestEnergy and Woolworths ink landmark agreement to achieve 100% renewable electricity in NSW and ACT in 2025

The agreement will enable a transition to 100 per cent renewable supply in 2025, securing the supply needed for Woolworths Group to achieve its 2025 renewable electricity commitment in the two states.

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14 Jun 23

SmartestEnergy and MYTILINEOS Announce Long-Term Solar PPA for Kingaroy Solar Farm in Queensland

The Kingaroy Solar Farm, owned by MYTILINEOS, is a significant renewable energy project with a capacity of 40 megawatts.

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10 May 23

Brand Launch: Our Vision for the Future

Our ‘Brand Launch’ series gives us the chance to present our vision for the future, being cognisant of our global brand working at local levels, in markets where the transition to net zero is not only at different stages, but also moving at different paces.

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24 Apr 23

Brand Launch: The Inspiration Behind Our Logo

In a continuation of our ‘Brand Launch’ blog series, I wanted to take the time to explain the inspiration behind our logo and that ‘ah ha’ moment when we made adjustments to a switch concept that felt authentically us.

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20 Apr 23

Brand Launch: Our Journey to Get Here

In a series of ‘Brand Launch’ blog posts, we’ll be talking to the change in identity and proposition we’ve made in more detail. Revealing the process we went through behind the scenes, and exploring what the change means for us now, after the excitement of the launch, when ‘business as usual’ activities resume.

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18 Apr 23

Making the Switch to a New Brand Identity

SmartestEnergy launches its new brand identity with a commitment to helping its customers build knowledge and confidence in clean energy, enabling switched on businesses to make better choices and transition to net zero carbon.  

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31 Jan 23

SmartestEnergy and Octopus Australia sign Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Darlington Point Solar Farm

SmartestEnergy Australia have signed an agreement with Octopus Australia to offtake 25% generation from Darlington Point Solar Farm based in Darlington, New South Wales.

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12 Jan 23

Environmental Certificates

Each State and Territory has different targets for achieving reduced emissions, lowering the impact of peak demand, or improving efficiencies. This article explores each of the schemes applicable to SmartestEnergy customers

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