Renewable generators: Products and services

As one of the World’s largest aggregators of independent energy generation, SmartestEnergy has years of experience in supporting renewable generators and businesses to realise both their short- and long-term energy strategies. We’re also one of the largest buyers and sellers of renewable certificates in the UK and across Europe.

This international experience, combined with the local expertise of our Australian trading team, means that we’re the ideal partner for renewable energy generators across Australia. And with many businesses looking to procure renewable energy in order to achieve RE100 and net zero goals, we’re making it easier for them to secure renewable power.

We don’t own any of our own generation assets, so you can rest assured that we’re acting in the best interests of all involved. With our ability to innovate and structure agreements based on your unique needs we’re the perfect partner to help you to realise your renewable energy project goals.

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Power Purchase Agreements

We’ll help you to find the best way to sell your renewable power and certificates and maximise your revenues, from a fixed price for protection against market fluctuations to more structured market access solutions.

We provide generation services to you as our customer, not a counterparty, which means we can manage AEMO and CER requirements on your behalf as a registered market participant if required.

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Feed-in Tariff

Sell any excess energy that you generate to the grid and receive payment through a credit on your energy bill from us.

We’re totally transparent around prices - the price that we pay is the spot market rate for the period that you export energy to the grid - so you can trust that you’re getting paid fairly.

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Environmental Certificate Services

We have a well established trading desk with access to each certificate brokerage, which gives us the capability to buy and sell a range of environmental certificates on the spot and forward markets.

We can buy, sell, create or pass through LGCs, STCs, ESCs and VEECs.

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Storage Asset Tolling

Monetise your flexible storage or generation asset through tolling arrangements with us.

We can provide fixed revenues, profit shares and are open to structuring solutions that best suit your risk and revenue management requirements. We can optimise your revenues across physical, financial and ancillary markets.

Talk to our trading experts

If you’re interested in partnering with us to make more money from your assets, contact our trading team today - complete this form, or contact a member of the team listed below:

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Our trading experts

Our Trading and Origination team are experts at working with counterparties, generators and businesses of all sizes. Reach out to our team below, or complete the contact us form above to get in touch:

VP Trading

Andrew O’Farrell

Andrew leads our trading function and is a highly experienced and accomplished energy professional, having spent most of his career working in the energy industry. Previously Andrew was at Origin Energy for 13 years in senior roles including Gas Portfolio Manager. Before joining SmartestEnergy, Andrew was a Senior Commercial Adviser to the COO of the Australian Energy Market Operator.

Head of Origination

Michael Lunt

Michael is responsible for the development of new customer facing energy trading transactions, with independent generators, independent retailers and large energy users. Beginning his career in nuclear power generation, Michael has since worked in a variety of portfolio optimisation, trading and origination roles, across nuclear, gas and renewable power generation. Michael joined SmartestEnergy in 2018, bringing with him extensive knowledge of physical and financial risk management structures, such as PPAs, option and tolling agreements and market access arrangements. Michael is committed to bringing this experience to our customers in Australia, to help them manage their risks in complex and sometimes volatile commodity markets.

Head of Trading

Jonathan Jorgenson

Jonathan has over a decade of experience in Australian wholesale energy industry, across electricity, gas and green products. Jonathan joined SmartestEnergy in 2021 as Head of Trading Operations and is responsible for contract management and optimisation, wholesale route to market services, and portfolio construction. Prior to SmartestEnergy, Jonathan worked at Macquarie Bank, Origin Energy, Hydro Tasmania and the Australian Market Operator (AEMO). Jonathan is passionate about the evolution, volatility and dynamics of the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) and strives to support SmartestEnergy to build products, relationships and processes that add value, manage risk and minimise our carbon footprint.

Renewables Portfolio Manager

Yamary Gonzalez

Yamary joined SmartestEnergy in 2021 to manage the structuring of complex customer transactions, new wholesale market access, and bespoke green portfolio. Yamary is an experienced energy industry professional who has transitioning from fossil fuels, having held trading roles at BP and Ampol, to now working on the future of energy at SmartestEnergy. She brings a consolidated knowledge of the entire Value Chain of the traditional heavy carbon industries to assist the decarbonation of the planet.

Commercial and Pricing Analyst

Roxy Ng

Roxy joined SmartestEnergy in 2020. With 5 years experience in the industry Roxy previously worked for the energy consultant, Kinect Energy Services, running complex tenders, providing market intel and managing some of Australia’s largest customer’s progressive purchasing strategies. Now at SmartestEnergy she is part of the Trading team, managing wholesale and renewable certificate pricing and bringing customer knowledge and focus into every trading process.