In accordance with the Electricity and Gas (Standards of Performance) Regulations (‘Standards’) - and any subsequently published amendments on, Suppliers have an obligation to meet certain applicable Standards for their Micro Business Customers.

Please see our commitments to Appointments and Payment Obligations below, with more information available on the links above.


  • The offer of an appointment for a visit from our preferred agents (e.g. a Meter Operator) within a 4-hour window
  • To not unreasonably deny any micro business customer a request for an appointment, so long as the appointment window is more than two hours

Payment obligations

  • On any occasion when an applicable agent fails to attend an appointment booked for a micro business customer and/or the micro business customer is provided with less than one day’s notice of re-booking, the customer will be due a payment of £30
  • If the customer does not receive this payment within 10 working days, an additional £30 will be applied to the account

More information:

For more information regarding standards of performance relating to the Electricity Act or Gas Act, or for an individual copy of the above statement in full (in variety of formats), please contact us.