There are times when we will need access to your site, to either read, repair or inspect your meter. This statement sets out our obligations to you as your Supplier, under our Electricity Supply Licence (Condition 13: Arrangements for site access). This lets you know the standard of behaviour that you can expect from the Agents who visit your site on our behalf. If you would like a copy of this sent to you, then please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

This statement covers:

  • What to expect from our Agents
  • How we manage that
  • How you can check who they are
  • How to get help or advice about a visit
  • A handy link to our Energy Saving Guide

What to expect

When visiting your site our Agents should be:

  • Polite and respectful
  • Safe
  • Able to explain the purpose for their visit.
  • Aware of any previously agreed access requirements
  • Professional, with the necessary skills to perform the job - or to give you a clear explanation of why they can’t.
  • Able to provide you with a contact point for help and advice in relation to the electricity supply.

Where an Agent is given extra information while on site that would be useful to add to your account for future reference, they will record this and let us know. This helps us to help you.

If you have specific requirements, our Agent will try to meet these where possible, or if they can’t, refer you to a contact you can discuss your requirements with.

How we manage our Agents

Before visiting your site on our behalf companies sign agreements that commit to staff being fully vetted and properly trained. This is checked on an annual basis by us (and more frequently if concerns have been raised), internally by the companies themselves and in some cases also under Industry Code. We meet our Agents on a regular basis and require regular reporting on site visits from them.

Checking the identification of representatives

All our Agents must carry an identity card showing:

  • Their name, employee number and signature and the company they work for
  • A phone number you can call to confirm their identity if you want to.
  • If they do not have a card please do not let them in and call us.

How to get help or advice about a visit

If you have any concerns or questions during or after a site visit you can either contact the phone number on the Agent’s identity card or contact the Customer Services team on +44 (0)1473 234150. It would be helpful if you had your account number to hand.

Handy tips to save energy

There are a lot of reasons to try and reduce your energy usage and SmartestEnergy are committed to helping you. We have produced an easy-to-use guide to help you get started.

Click here to download our Energy Saving Advice Guide