SmartestEnergy is committed to ensuring that credit balances from closed micro business accounts are returned to customers as soon as reasonably possible.

The information provided here highlights the key points of our refund policy, but if you have any further questions, please contact your customer service representative for a copy of our full refund policy for micro business customers.

  1. When we are notified that a micro business customer is leaving a premises, we will ask for the final meter reading(s) and a forwarding address
  2. When we send any communication relating to the final account of a micro business customer, we will make clear if there is, or might be, a credit balance on the account, and what the micro business customer needs to do to receive any credit
  3. Where we are reasonably satisfied that we hold the correct information, we will refund credit balances (based on a final actual meter read). Where the micro business customer requests it, and the credit balance is genuine, we will transfer the credit balance to another account of that customer
  4. Once we have the full and correct details, refunds of genuine credit balances will be issued to micro business customers within 28 days of the final bill and the funds clearing or as soon as reasonably practicable
  5. On a change of supplier, the losing supplier will treat the agreed meter reading (provided by the new supplier as part of the switching process) as a final actual meter read, subject to any disputed reads first being resolved
  6. Where an old credit balance is identified and the micro business customers’ identity can be verified, the credit will be transferred to the customer’s live account or will be refunded directly
  7. We will explore how, where a first attempt to refund a credit balance is unsuccessful (e.g. we have a former micro business customer’s actual address, but have not been provided with sufficient information to issue a credit refund), we could proactively follow up in a meaningful way any credit balances of a proportionate amount
  8. We will consider any reasonable valid historic claim to a genuine credit balance from a former micro business customer

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If you would like to speak with us further about a refund relating to a micro business account, please contact us here.