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We are a commercial and industrial electricity retailer working closely with channel partners in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic power markets

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SmartestEnergy US LLC is a subsidiary of the Marubeni Corporation of Japan, making us uniquely positioned to leverage global systems and strong financial support

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We deliver through our channel partners; let us connect you


The total years of industry experience shared between our 26 employees


26 employees from 6 different countries; diversity strength and experience

Our products

We have the right products to help your business navigate the retail electricity market.

Fully Fixed

Our Fully Fixed price product is inclusive of energy and all components with a 100% renewable option. A great choice for businesses looking to protect against fluctuations in energy prices


Fix the electricity price for the full contract to remove exposure to market volatility, plus agree non-commodity charges up front, except for capacity and transmission costs, which are reset each year

Pass Through

Fixed energy with the option to pass through non-commodity costs like capacity, transmission and ancillaries. Great for managing your risk

Our global presence

We have expertise from across the globe which builds on the capabilities of our homegrown business in the United States.


SmartestEnergy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marubeni Corporation of Japan, a large multinational conglomerate with expertise across a number of industries. Marubeni has 46,711 employees located in 60+ countries and is ranked 147th in the Fortune Global 500 Companies List

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United Kingdom

SmartestEnergy Ltd is our UK parent company. Formed as a generation aggregator in 2001, entering the retail market in 2008 and supplying over 8TWhs to over 2000 businesses. They employ 250+ staff and have been awarded Energy Supplier of the Year twice, including most recently in 2018

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SmartestEnergy launched in Sydney, Australia in 2020. Its retail products support smart commercial and industrial businesses in actively managing their approach to energy

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Company news

SmartestEnergy Celebrates its 20th Anniversary: Shaping the Energy Landscape Since 2001

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Our 2020 Success Story Amid a Global Pandemic

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SmartestEnergy Australia Announce Plans for a 400MW Battery Storage Virtual Power Plant

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The percentage of commercial load in NYS that is on Retail Choice


The number of New Yorkers that have switched to an ESCO


The number of states in the US with a deregulated electricity market


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If you want to help drive the energy industry towards a technology enabled future and value collaboration, diversity and integrity, SmartestEnergy is the company you’re looking for. Join us, and power a revolution

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