Meet the team

The energy market isn’t just about buying and selling energy; it’s about relationships too. We put people and understanding at the heart of better relationships, so you get better service every time.

We’re experts – but we’re human and relatable – so as we grow our network of consumers, generators, brokers and employees we never lose sight of what’s important: true partnerships that energise. Our team combines global resilience with local brilliance. International backing is coupled with deep, on-the-ground knowledge of the nuances of our individual markets, helping us to bring learning from international energy markets to support the needs of local customers and partners.

With more than 50 experienced professionals across the US, more than 450 in SmartestEnergy globally and more than 45,000 across our parent Marubeni, our brokers, generators and consumers can have complete confidence that SmartestEnergy is a secure partner for the long-term.

Meet the team

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Cormie

Andy launched SmartestEnergy’s US business in 2019 and is now focused on sustainably growing our operations to meet customers’ evolving energy needs. Following nine years of leading on various aspects of energy policy with the UK Government and regulator, Ofgem, he began his career with SmartestEnergy in the UK in 2012. He managed a number of departments, spanning product delivery, customer service, operations, IT and business change. Under his leadership as Vice President Industrial and Commercial Supply, SmartestEnergy was awarded ‘UK Energy Supplier of the Year 2018’. Andy is a member of the TEPA Sustainability Board.

Chief Operating Officer

Kenichiro Hashimoto

Kenichiro Hashimoto worked for the Tokyo Electric Power Company for 20 years before joining the Marubeni Corporation four years ago. He was a secondee to Australia's electricity trading company from 2004 to 2007. Having vast experience within the Marubeni Corporation and wider energy sector, he within he brings to SmartestEnergy US a broad range of skills, which will help the company continue its expansion into the deregulated market.

Vice President Finance

Megan Quill

Megan joined SmartestEnergy in 2019 as the Vice President of Finance. Megan is responsible for running our accounting and finance team. Her passion for business brought her to Syracuse University where she earned bachelor’s degrees in Accounting and Finance. Upon graduating in 2005, she joined Ernst & Young’s assurance practice where she earned her CPA license in New York and gained experience as a senior manager before entering the energy industry in 2018.

Vice President Retail Operations

Kayla Austin

Kayla joined SmartestEnergy in 2019 and has been an integral part of setting up the retail business. She has over a decade of experience working for retail energy suppliers. Kayla has significant experience with Billing and EDI platforms, regulatory requirements and customer life cycle management.

Vice President Market Operations

Dave French

Dave joined SmartestEnergy in 2019 in a role overseeing the pricing desk, power operations and scheduling, load forecasting, REC compliance and business development. He is now Vice President of Market Operations and is leading the charge in Origination. He has 30 years of experience in the energy industry. His prior experience includes 13 years at National Grid in various supply and trading roles, and 14 years at Shell Energy North America where he handled origination and structured finance. He also worked with the energy broker, Benchmark Services, for three years as their Vice President of Operations.

Vice President Commercial

Gavin Baker

Gavin joined SmartestEnergy in 2012 in the UK as Head of Pricing and Volume Risk Management. Gavin has 12 years of commercial experience in the UK retail electric markets. In addition to trading UK renewables certificates, which are similar to US REC certificates, he has significant experience in UK wholesale market operations, administered by National Grid, which is very similar to PJM. In 2019, Gavin joined SmartestEnergy US as the Vice President of Commercial.

Head of HR and People

Casey Cone

Casey joined SmartestEnergy US in August 2022. She has over 16 years of experience in Human Resources as well as a degree in Human Resources/Industrial Relations from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. Prior to joining SmartestEnergy, she spent 11 years in HR Consulting and had the opportunity to work with a variety of organizations on various HR needs. Casey has focused in all areas of HR, including compliance & policy development, performance management, employee relations, recruitment & retention, compensation & benefits, and training & development.

Vice President Sales

Matt Holleran

Matt joined SmartestEnergy in 2019 as Market Development Manager. Matt has 11 years in the deregulated energy industry and has experienced many different facets of the industry, including sales, retail analysis, market expansion and development, billing, and regulation. Matt’s true passion is in sales, where he has been instrumental in the build-out of the broker sales channel for several ESCOs.