Our story

We are a people-centred energy retail partner and wholesale commodity trader. We supply flexible, reliable and creative energy solutions to businesses in the United States, continually expanding our footprint. SmartestEnergy US LLC launched in 2019 and we supply 1.8TWh of electricity to more than 2,500 customers. We also provide structured route-to-market services to a range of other Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and trade power, gas, capacity and renewables on the wholesale markets.

We sell power across the Northeast US deregulated markets and are fully active in NYISO and PJM. This year we are also entering NE-ISO and Texas. 

From the outset, we’ve embraced a remote culture, which has helped us to recruit industry leading talent across the US, especially in Texas. Beyond supplying power, our talented team empowers our partners with knowledge and insight to inform smarter energy decisions – register for our weekly newsletter to stay informed about the latest US deregulated market industry news.

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Our partnership focus

We believe great partners should have control of the services they provide.

SmartestEnergy has fully collateralised wholesale power, gas, capacity, renewable energy certificate (REC) trading and risk management capabilities that underpin our retail sales and price competitiveness. These services allow us to offer mid-market and origination capabilities, structured transactions and power purchase agreement (PPA) opportunities.

We’re actively seeking to partner with other ESCOs that can benefit from 20 years of wholesale market access and an investment grade balance sheet.

We focus on partnerships that energise, celebrating diversity and actively encouraging collaborative working.

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Proud TEPA retail energy member

We’re proud to be a member of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA). Our CEO, Andy Cormie, is a member of TEPA’s newly established sustainability committee and our team often attend their events across the US – sponsoring, speaking and knowledge-sharing!

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Empowering sustainable business

By fostering creativity and innovation in US deregulated power markets we’re leading the way in delivering the customized energy solutions that will help US businesses thrive

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Global resilience, local brilliance

Our global operations, including in the UK and Australia, have been established for over 20 years, developing proven market expertise across energy retail, generation and optimization. Learn more about the SmartestEnergy Group via our 2021 Annual Report

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