Partnership focus

The energy market isn’t just buying and selling, it’s about people and relationships. These relationships are at the heart of everything we do at SmartestEnergy, whether partner, customer or colleague.

With no direct sales channel our partners are our focus. Each partner is connected with a dedicated point-of-contact in our sales team, providing years of industry experience and knowledge. We offer solutions that help our partners and their customers succeed together, with impartial advice from across our team and our global enterprise.

With a deep understanding of the market and the needs of our partners we can fully support any energy journey, providing flexible options and enabling better energy decisions. We’re experts – but we’re human and relatable – so as we grow our network of consumers, generators, brokers and employees we never lose sight of what’s important: True partnerships that energise success.

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Community partnership focus

Partnerships like working with the Rescue Mission – helping to provide shelter, food, clothing and hope in the community

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How do we get involved and support the wider community?

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Our customers are more than just businesses to us. SmartestEnergy values our community and the good that our customers create within it. Customers like the Syracuse Rescue Mission – they have served the Syracuse community for over 100 years, serving meals, providing people in need with a warm place to stay and clean clothes to wear. SmartestEnergy has made it our mission to help with this good work in Syracuse by volunteering our time, adopting families at Christmas and sponsoring (and playing in!) their annual Mission Possible Golf Tournament’.

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Industry partnership focus

Partnerships like our membership and sponsorship of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) – bringing together professionals and enhancing competitive energy markets across the country

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What role do we play in shaping the industry for the better? 


It is important for us to be a leading light in our industry, engaged in partnerships that drive everyone forward. As a member and sponsor of The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) we stay engaged in current industry topics ranging from the push towards sustainable energy to state regulatory changes. While also helping to advance retail energy markets into new states and territories. Our Channel Partner, Meghan Stevens, has been a long-standing volunteer for TEPA and our CEO, Andy Cormie, is a member of TEPA’s Sustainability Committee, bringing with him a wealth of global knowledge from his years of experience in SmartestEnergy UK with their drive to lead conversation and action around net zero.