Who is SmartestEnergy?

Formed in 2019, SmartestEnergy US is a young, agile business, driven by entrepreneurial thinking and innovative ideas. As part of a strategic global expansion, our customers benefit from a 20+ year history of driving the market forward, partnered with localized state specific knowledge of individual markets. A unique mix giving SmartestEnergy an inspired way to serve the needs of our customers and partners, demonstrated by our industry leading +59 Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Energy can be tricky, especially for customers who should be busy tending to their core business. We are a Commercial and Industrial energy retailer focused on helping provide the most up to date information and competitive pricing to our customers. We guide our customers through the tough challenges of creating an energy strategy and allow them to get back to their main focus, their business!

We bring together national expertise and global success to foster creativity and innovation in the US deregulated power markets. By working closely with energy partners, the length and breadth of the US, we provide customers with energy solutions that meet their need based on balancing value and mitigating risk, while also ensuring you have the option to procure renewable energy via our Smartest Voluntary RECs product. Our product is Green-e® Certified and can be applied in conjunction with any of our energy products.

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Community focus

Through education and engagement, we’re creating a growing worldwide community of energy champions. SmartestEnergy values our community and the good that our customers create within it, so we work with our customers not only to support their vision within the community, but to connect them with experts that provide knowledge and insights that enable better energy decisions for all.

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Confidence in your partner

With the backing of Marubeni and the wider SmartestEnergy Group, we are a financially sound, creditworthy partner today and for the future. We have the financial strength to manage trading without expensive sleeves. We can access multiple wholesale counterparties for competitive commodity costs. While, the low cost of capital enables us to continue to invest in our technology, our business, and therefore in yours.

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