Celebrating Five Years: A Note from the CEO

By: Andy Cormie, CEO

As we celebrate our fifth birthday, I am filled with pride for the journey we have had. It feels like yesterday when we set out with a vision to create a leading ESCo that drives positive change in the sector, and I am thrilled to reflect on the progress, achievements, and challenges that have shaped our path.

SmartestEnergy US was launched with a commitment to building something advanced enough make the complex world of energy simple and sustainable, but humble, founded on integrity and culture that people wanted to work for and partner with. As we turn 5, we have 78 employees in 15 states and 3 countries, 3,627 customer contracts sold across 38 utilities through 278 broker partners, 40 wholesale and renewable trading counterparties, 19 ESCos that buy power from us and relationships with 4 utility scale power plants all built on advanced systems and processes delivered by our team and our 6 IT delivery partners.

But all of this is just the start, and I am as excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as I was on day one. Backed by a Fortune 500 parent in Marubeni, SmartestEnergy has never been more stable. And we remain committed to market and product expansion as we drive continuous improvement in our industry leading operations and support services.

To say our team has gone above and beyond is a huge understatement. Our success is because of their unrelenting hard work, passion and commitment to excellence – because they care. Guided by our values, we’ve created something people want to be part of. And this is reflected in our +68 Net Promoter Score, awarded to us by our broker partners and quite astonishing considering the industry average of +20.

To our partners, thank you for your support and trust. I am acutely aware of the choice you make in awarding us your business; we will never stop striving for excellence in the way we support you and your customers and we will never lose sight of what’s important: true partnerships that energize.