Tailored Products are Available in ISO-NE

On April 18th, 2023 SmartestEnergy US entered the ISO-NE region in MA and CT. We are excited to bring our full suite of tailored and customizable products to our New England partners and customers. As a reminder, all our products are available in New England as well as across our full footprint.

Our tailored and customizable product offerings are structured to support your company's energy goals. Grouped into three categories, Managed, Index and Fixed, our products are backed by knowledgeable experts and extensive Account Management functions. Having flexible solutions and comprehensive market support enables your business to create the 'Smartest' strategy to navigate the complexity of deregulated energy markets such as ISO-NE.  



If you are looking for a tailored approach to your energy strategy, SmartestEnergy's Managed product is a great way to balance risk and opportunity for customers who want to actively manage their energy requirements with a knowledgeable partner by their side. Enjoy the advantage of hedging or indexing your energy rate to take advantage of the wholesale market with the added security of being able to lock in a fixed rate anytime within your contract.

As the US energy market becomes ever more complex and volatile, many businesses are looking for tailored solutions that provide visibility into all energy components. Our Index product provides businesses with the opportunity to take advantage of the Real Time or Day Ahead market costs while minimizing risk premiums for regulatory-driven costs by customizing non-commodity components. On the contrary, some businesses prefer a fixed electricity contract to protect themselves from rising costs. Our Fixed product provides businesses with budget predictability for energy purchasing.

Versatile product offerings are only a portion of our comprehensive solutions. Our account managementworks with our customers and partners directly to provide timely market insights. We offer high quality reporting, data and support services providing our customers with the metrics to get a full understanding of their energy needs and strategy. Some account management functions include:

With our energy solutions, our unbiased expertise and premier market insights we place our partners and customers in the best position to succeed.

To learn more about our tailored products in ISO-NE, reach out to a Channel Partner Manager today.