Meet our Channel Partner Managers

SmartestEnergy believes in being a partner that puts customers and brokers at the heart of everything we do. With no direct sales and a team, our Channel Partner Managers are focused on building our broker channel and working on solutions for your customers.

By building the foundation of our relationships on knowledge, trust and experience we are driving the transition to a smarter energy system; one that’s more digitized, more transparent and more sustainable.

Our team

Head of Strategic Partnerships and Sales

Matt Stasium

Matt has nearly 2 decades in the energy marketplace. Starting with a wind power developer, that built the first coastal wind farm in the United States, then deregulated retail supply as well as time as an energy consultant. Matt currently leads the Strategic Partnerships and Sales organization for Smartest Energy, helping them continue their growth and expansion throughout the US deregulated markets. With a key focus on channel partner relationships, Smartest is supporting clients with strong financial backing, extensive product offerings and top-notch customer service.

Channel Partner Manager

Jessica Lopez

Jessica joined SmartestEnergy in 2019 as a Channel Partner Manager. Jessica has over four years' experience in the deregulated energy industry and has worked in all areas of the business. She started her career in business development making strong connections with new clients and supporting sales by communicating with all departments. Her ability to build strong relationships makes her an effective partner for any broker.

Channel Partner Manager

Lorraine Barber

Lorraine joined SmartestEnergy in 2020 as a Channel Partner Manager. Lorraine leverages her experience as a successful business owner and her 10 years’ experience within the deregulated energy industry to provide top quality service to our partners. Prior to SmartestEnergy, Lorraine worked for multiple businesses in all aspects of the ESCO side of deregulation; from energy supply, education, and quality assurance to demand response. Her roles have included direct and indirect sales, and direct and indirect sales management. Her past positions have allowed her to learn the many deregulated state markets, which continues to assist our partners in increasing their sales.

Channel Partner Manager

Meghan Stevens

Meghan joined SmartestEnergy in 2020 as a Channel Partner Manager. With over eight years of industry experience, Meghan is a high producing commercial and industrial professional with many national contacts. In addition to her work at SmartestEnergy, Meghan volunteers with The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA). She works with our Channel Partners across all areas.

Channel Partner Manager

Robert Chagnon

Robert joined SmartestEnergy in 2020 as Channel Partner Manager and has over 12 years’ experience in the deregulated energy industry. Robert started his career in business development, making strong connections with new customers and partners throughout all deregulated markets. Robert has held Regional Director and Senior Vice President positions in sales. He has been instrumental in the development of sales for several ESCOs, and he provides quality service to all partners. His wealth of experience includes understanding the governance of many deregulated state markets, ensuring he is always ready to assist our partners in increasing their sales.

Channel Partner Manager

Kris Spevak

Kris joined SmartestEnergy as a Channel Partner Manager in 2020. With over a decade of experience in the deregulated energy industry, Kris started his career working with brokers. Following, he worked directly for ESCOs, with a specific focus on starting and growing their indirect channel presence in the commercial and industrial space. Kris has assisted with operations outside of channel sales function, such as directly pricing opportunities and assisting with the customer enrolment process. His broad industry experience makes him a well-rounded and knowledgeable partner.

Channel Partner Manager

Shane Peters

Shane joined SmartestEnergy as a Channel Partner Manager in 2021. Shane has over 10 years’ experience in the deregulated energy industry all roles primarily focused on commercial and industrial sales. Prior to working at SmartestEnergy, Shane also worked at Hess, Liberty Power, Source Power and Gas and Talen. With an abundance of experience in sales, Shane is focused on assisting brokers in increasing their sales.

Channel Partner Manager

Jordan Dialectos

Jordan joined SmartestEnergy in 2021 as a Channel Partner Manager. Jordan is an energy market professional with 12 years of successful experience, ranging from facilitating energy procurement strategies for large commercial and industrial companies, to sustainability solutions. Jordan specializes in customized energy plans emphasizing the importance of risk management, renewable energy and sustainability solutions.

Channel Partner Manager

Stephanie Szklarski Rotondi

Stephanie joined SmartestEnergy in 2021as a Channel Partner Manager. Stephanie has more than ten years’ industry experience in retail energy and sales. Prior to working at SmartestEnergy, Stephanie held roles in Engie, Talen and Con Edison. Stephanie prides herself on her responsible and mindfulness skills approach, along with her wealth of industry knowledge, which she applies to finding solutions for her customers as they navigate an ever-changing energy industry.

Channel Partner Manager

Michael Wirkus

Michael joined SmartestEnergy in 2023 as a Channel Partner Manager. Michael has over 16 years’ experience in the energy market. He leverages his experience as a Wholesale Broker, Senior Pricing Analyst, and Director of Operations with leading energy consulting groups such as Tradition Energy and Atlas Retail Energy to bring superior service and knowledge to our Channel Partners. Bringing his unique perspective from the consulting side of the business he comes with understanding of the challenges faced by consultants. Utilizing this Michael looks for ways to bring value to our partners and enhance their experience.