We have the right products and support to help your business navigate the complex retail electricity market. Our focus is on finding the right way to help your business.

With our innovative suite of products, our knowledgeable Channel Partner Managers can assist you in guiding your customers through the challenging energy climate, while balancing value and mitigating risk.

We understand the US energy market is becoming ever more complex and volatile, making it difficult for businesses to create a strategy for procuring energy. As one of the top operating costs for businesses, it’s important to have a partner who can provide solutions.

We offer a versatile suite of products tailored to support businesses energy goals. Grouped into – fixed, index and managed options, our suite of products can be customized to your needs. To help customers reach their sustainability goals we also offer a Smartest Voluntary RECs product – this product is a Green-e® Certified REC product and can be applied in conjunction with any of our energy products.

We understand that a diverse product selection is only part of the equation, and that for you to succeed, you also need high quality reporting, data and support services. Our Channel Partner Managers are available to assist and offer suggestions tailored to your needs.

More widely, SmartestEnergy offers information, advice and consultancy services to businesses seeking to optimise their energy generation and consumption, and to drive forward on their transition to net zero and a cleaner, greener energy future. 


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As the US energy market becomes ever more complex and volatile, many businesses are choosing fixed electricity contracts to protect themselves from rising costs. If you are looking for budget stability in your energy strategy, our Fixed product provides predictability and certainty. A simple contract to fix wholesale electricity and, if you choose, all non-commodity costs in an array of contract lengths and billing options, backed with market-leading customer care.

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Fixed electricity price for the full contract to remove exposure to market volatility. The option to pass through or fix non-commodity prices allowing you to manage cost or risk in line with your business needs. Ease of choosing a rate for the long-term and letting us do the work for you.

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Less flexible than our managed products, limiting your ability to benefit when the market price fluctuates lower. What does fixed mean to other suppliers? Make sure you’re comparing offers on an apples-to-apples basis to get the best mix of value and certainty for your customers.


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Businesses looking to capitalize on shifts in the energy market can utilize our Index product. This product takes advantage of the real time or day ahead market costs, while minimizing risk premiums for regulatory driven costs by customizing non-commodity components. A simple contract to index electricity and choose a variety of non-commodity pass through options, providing both competitiveness and customization.

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Take advantage of market rates over the length of your contract. Index the cost of energy to avoid the premiums on fixed rates. Choose how to handle non-commodity costs to avoid changes that can come as a result of state and regulatory changes. Set and forget – our systems manage the indexing, allowing businesses to focus on themselves, not their energy supply.

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Less budget stability than a Fixed price product – your energy costs are directly impacted by market fluctuations.


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With so many energy products to choose from, it is challenging for businesses to select both the optimal contracting structure and the best placed supplier to meet their specific organizational requirements. SmartestEnergy's Managed product is a great way to balance risk and opportunity for customers who want to actively manage their energy requirements with a knowledgeable partner by their side. Choose to index energy costs at RT or DAM rates and give your business the flexibility to lock and unlock energy, within limits, at any time during the contract period to take advantage of market fluctuations. This type of flexible product allows for adjustment in energy procurement strategy due to load changes or demand side management – or simply to achieve a better price for the power.

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This is our most flexible product. Enjoy the advantage of hedging or indexing your energy rate to take advantage of the wholesale market with the added security of being able to lock in a fixed rate anytime within contract.

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Budget stability can be achieved through the procurement decisions taken, but depending on the approach, some energy costs will be directly impacted by market fluctuations. This is not a set and forget product, it’s for businesses who are actively engaged in managing their energy.


Helping businesses work towards a central net zero future is part of SmartestEnergy's long-term strategy and we are proud to offer our Smartest Voluntary RECs product to support this goal. Our product is Green-e® Certified and can be applied in conjunction with any of our energy products.


Choose the Voluntary REC mix and percentage that's right for you:

Our Smartest Voluntary RECs product can be selected in either ‘Green-e® Any’ or ‘Green-e® Wind’ RECs to fit any business need. Choose to apply Voluntary RECs in any percentage from 1-100%.


Have confidence in our Certified RECs:

A Green-e® Certified REC product provides confidence of oversight by the Center for Resource Solutions through its Green-e® Energy Certification Program. Two annual audits ensure there is no double counting or double claiming. You get exactly the Voluntary REC product you sign-up for.

Interested in learning more about Smartest Voluntary RECs, where they are available, and how our rates compare? Contact us and let one of our Channel Partner Managers walk you through why our products, customer service and industry knowledge make us the best partner for you!

Smartest Voluntary RECs is Green-e® Energy Certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions. Learn more at: green-e.org

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