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About us

Discover how SmartestEnergy empowers you to make smarter energy decisions

SmartestEnergy is a people-centred energy retail partner supplying flexible, reliable, creative energy solutions to commercial and industrial businesses. As well as providing power, we empower our partners with knowledge and insight in the evolving US deregulated market informing smarter energy decisions. 

We connect businesses and communities with local expertise and globally-backed resilience, to drive the US energy market forward.

Smarter energy decisions

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Join forces with a diverse team of experts who are focused on building relationships

When you partner with SmartestEnergy, you’re joining forces with a team that truly believes transparency and trust are key to building successful relationships.

We’re experts – but we’re human and relatable. Our team have decades of experience in the US and international deregulated energy markets. We’re here to provide you with solutions to help you succeed, together with impartial advice that helps you navigate a changing industry.

Transparency and trust

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Connect with our in-house trading team to grow your business

SmartestEnergy’s trading and origination team provide energy risk management, environmental products and related services to energy retailers, power generators, utilities and other wholesale counterparties.

Market opportunities

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We put customers at the heart of decision making

When you choose SmartestEnergy for your electricity supplier, you’re choosing a company that isn’t just about buying and selling energy; our focus is on people and relationships.

We’re knowledgeable, but relatable – we provide solutions that really work for our customers and help them to succeed, working with our partners to provide advice that is unbiased and impartial. By understanding our customers, we can fully support them on their energy journey.

People and relationships

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It’s not just an interesting time to explore a role in energy, but a great time to join us

We are working to shape the energy landscape with a talented and diverse team of energy experts and enthusiasts. We’re making a real difference when it comes to supporting the energy transition in the US, helping businesses actively scale their operations, take control of their energy procurement and deliver on their sustainability ambitions.

People centred energy