about us

Founded in 2001, SmartestEnergy has grown to become Great Britain’s leading purchaser of energy generated by the independent sector. We are also a UK licensed business electricity supplier to large industrial and commercial organisations.

As an independent company ourselves, we play an increasingly important role in providing choice and flexibility in a market traditionally dominated by major energy producers and suppliers.

from source...

Our Power Purchase Agreement customers range from blue chip companies with large-scale power plants to community organisations operating a single wind turbine.  With our knowledge and experience of the market, we have helped many energy entrepreneurs realise their ambitions and enter the market.

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...to supply

The continuing growth of our generation portfolio led us to establish a retail business in 2008, with unique source-to-supply Business Electricity model. We now provide some of the best-known names in the public and private sectors in Great Britain with both renewable and conventional electricity.

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market-leading customer service

As part of our commitment to continually developing our market-leading customer service, SmartestEnergy has joined the Institute of Customer Service. Read more about our membership here.





For more information on our commitment to customer service, see our Customer Charter.