Renewables focus

For over two decades SmartestEnergy has been at the forefront of the global renewable energy revolution.

As a champion of the independent renewable generation sector, we have been using our voice to advocate for sustainable solutions and empower a greener generation.

By focusing on supporting energy entrepreneurs to develop renewable generation and storage projects, we aim to accelerate Australia’s transition to a sustainable economy, and end the country’s reliance on fossil fuel generation.

SmartestEnergy does not own any fossil fuel or generation assets. We contract with independent renewable generators and access the wholesale market to provide the energy we need to power our business customers.

Business Renewables Centre – Australia

SmartestEnergy is proud to be a member of the Business Renewables Centre - Australia (BRC-A).

A not-for-profit and member-based platform, set-up to make corporate buying of large-scale renewable energy easier; BRC-A has over 200 partners from across industry and government.

BRC-A brings generators, retailers and businesses together and provides them with the tools to simplify contracting renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs).

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