Smartest Balance

Aligned with the formation of the SmartestEnergy Group, the Smartest Balance initiative was established. The aim of the Group-wide initiative is simple - to ensure that as we grow our business here in Australia and abroad, we maintain a focus on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

The work to deliver on this spans offices and departments, fostering a sense of community and achievement across borders with members of steering groups and committee groups dedicating time to improve awareness of EDI topics and access to training and resources.

Smartest Balance represents a vast roadmap of activities and investments in our people, to embed EDI in everything we do, while also working to celebrate, promote and improve opportunities across the Group for all.

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Group CEO, Robert Groves

Robert Groves captures the essence of why we think having an inclusive global strategy is so important: “At SmartestEnergy we recognise the power of different perspectives and backgrounds. To embed equality, diversity and inclusion within our organisation globally, we will fulfil a purpose which is to support and advance those who can make a positive difference in the workplace."

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Australia CEO, Robert Owens

Robert Owens sits on the EDI Strategic Group and oversees the delivery of Smartest Balance activities in Australia. He shares his perspective supporting the initiative: “In Australia we’re working to empower a renewable future which will take time, effort and out-the-box thinking. We know we need a growing team of energy experts and enthusiasts to bring diverse ideas and experiences to the table. Being a part of the Smartest Balance EDI Strategic Group allows me to hear first-hand feedback."

How can you get involved?


As an employee, you can join our Community Champion Steering Groups: Diverse Genders and Sexualities, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME), Women in Energy and Disabilities. These groups are led by employees who help to initiate company activities – such as training and events – to draw attention to key topics, share insight and opinions via our intranet and provide feedback from the workforce to senior leadership to help drive new Smartest Balance initiatives.

Join us to power a revolution:



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Core Values

Our core values shape how we engage with each other and the industry

Employees across the SmartestEnergy Group helped to identify and refine our core values; they speak to our collective efforts to innovate to meet customers evolving needs and embrace clean energy.

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