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Each year SmartestEnergy employees recommend and vote to choose a charity to support. In 2022 we selected Greenfleet, a leading environmental non-profit organisation and Australia’s most trusted source of biodiverse carbon offsets to take practical climate action.

Since 1997 Greenfleet has been planting native biodiverse forests to capture carbon emissions and help fight the impacts of climate change. As they grow, Greenfleet forests absorb carbon emissions, improve soil and water quality, and restore habitat for native wildlife, including many endangered species. Greenfleet also works to ensure the growing forests are legally protected from development or logging, ensuring they can grow for future generations.

SmartestEnergy’s donation will support a Milestone Forest, Ngulambarra to grow and thrive. To ensure a respectful and sustainable development Greenfleet is working with the Dja Dja Wurrung people, Traditional Owners of the land where the Milestone Forest is being established. Ngulambarra is located north of Wedderburn in Central Victoria. It is a 340-hectare property that forms part of the Wychitella biolink. Bio-links improve habitat and mobility options for native wildlife and show direct and sustainable economic benefits for the indigenous community.

In addition to the saplings will be smaller plants including native perennial Kangaroo Grass and Yam Daisy. The seeds of Kangaroo grass can be harvested much like grain and made into flour for products such as bread. As a native plant, it is resilient to drought and extreme variances in temperature - important in the Central Victorian climate. The seeds can also be used in a traditional ceremonial context and the Yam Daisy’s roots can be used as a vegetable in many dishes.

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Australia CEO, Robert Owens

“We are proud of the impact we’re making. By supporting the work of Greenfleet, we are taking practical action against climate change and helping to restore Australia’s forests, recreate crucial habitat for native wildlife and transform the land back to its natural state…by partnering with Greenfleet, we are confident that our climate action provides genuine and lasting environmental benefits, in line with our renewable energy focus”

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Greenfleet by numbers

Learn more about Greenfleet and their impact across Australia and New Zealand:

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Just under 10 million trees have been planted by Greenfleet since 1997


There are 500 'Greenfleet Forests' in Australia and New Zealand


The forests can be legally protected for 100 years

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Almost 4 million tonnes of carbon will sequestered by these forests