The last thing you want is to choose an energy supplier, only to have that supplier default, leaving you and your customers high and dry. In an environment of unstable ESCOs you can rest assured we are here to stay!

SmartestEnergy US LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marubeni Corporation, our ultimate, active and involved parent company. With that backing we're uniquely positioned to leverage global systems and investment grade financial support, enabling us to smooth volatility in the energy markets and offer certainty for the long term.

Marubeni is one of the original Japanese trading houses, sōgō shōsha, founded in 1858. With expertise across multiple industries, Marubeni provides strength and opportunity through over 45k employees in 58 countries. But don't take our word for it, Marubeni currently sits 165th on the Fortune 500 list with investment grade ratings of BBB+ and Baa2 from S&P and Moodys.

Marubeni in numbers

As one of the leading and original Japanese Trading Houses, Marubeni has built a successful and diverse global portfolio of businesses

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Ranked 165th in the 'Fortune Global 500 Companies List'

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Over 45K group employees located in 58 countries

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Over $2bn in net profits in 9 months to Dec 21

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Power beyond energy

With an extensive history and experience across industries, Marubeni’s operating companies extend beyond the energy sector, representing a diverse portfolio of investment and activity in well-established sectors, as well as next generation and high-growth areas

Marubeni business areas

Examples of Marubeni's investment and activity across core functions include: 

  • Power and infrastructure
  • Energy and metal
  • Food, agriculture and chemicals
  • Transportation
  • Industrial machinery
  • Fintech

While, their next generation business development efforts span decarbonisation technologies, smart cities, e-sports and medical services. 

All of Marubeni’s businesses and initiatives are underpinned by a global cross-value platform, harnessing the knowledge and experience of its diverse operating companies – like SmartestEnergy.

What this means for SmartestEnergy

Following initial investment in 2001 – SmartestEnergy has expanded it's UK market share from renewable generation PPAs to industrial and commercial retail supply, into asset optimization and then to the small business supply market through acquisition of a long term partner.

In 2019, SmartestEnergy opened its first international office in Syracuse, NY and shortly after established a presence in Australia.

Throughout the past 20 years Marubeni's backing has meant being able to focus on growing, innovating and investing for the future - taking energy market volatility in our stride and providing certainty for our partners and customers. It gives us the balance sheet to manage our own wholesale trading, avoiding expensive credit sleeves and allows us to grow.


What this means for our partners

With the backing of Marubeni and the wider SmartestEnergy Group, we are a financially sound, credit worthy partner today, and for the future. Having our own trading desk provides our customers access to the wholesale market without expensive credit sleeves and enables us to offer transparency and informed opinion. And a low cost of capital enables us to continue to invest in our technology, our business and therefore, in yours.