When you choose SmartestEnergy for your electricity supplier, you’re choosing a company that isn’t just about buying and selling energy; our focus is on people and relationships.

We’re knowledgeable, but relatable – we provide solutions that really work for our customers and help them to succeed, working with our partners to provide advice that is unbiased and impartial. By understanding our customers, we can fully support them on their energy journey, whether that be towards cost efficiency or sustainability. We are always working towards providing flexible options and enabling better energy decisions.

SmartestEnergy US is a people centred energy supplier, empowering sustainable businesses and communities. With our central office in Syracuse, NY we combine the support of our global community with the expertise of our local team to help simplify the complex energy landscape and enable smarter, sustainable decisions. We compare data and insight, state by state, sharing information in real time with our partners and customers. Always presenting the latest guidance and product offerings in a digestible way.

People centred energy

SmartestEnergy is an active Industrial and Commercial supplier in NY, PA, OH, NJ, IL, DE, and MD, and quickly expanding our footprint from there! We currently offer Fixed, Index, Managed and renewable products and can customize contracts to meet customers’ needs. Same day turn around on most pricing and clear breakdowns of all included components make it simple to analyze our quotes and electronic contracts avoid printing needs and make it easy to do business. We pride ourselves on transparent products, easy to read contract language and efficient support services.

Smarter Energy Solutions

Our exceptional Customer Service and billing teams have years of industry specific experience and provide customers direct support for all post contracting needs. We currently offer both utility consolidated and dual billing, allowing customers to choose to keep things simple, or tailor their bills for more complex needs. When you reach out to Smartest you will never get a call center. A member of our service team will speak to you directly and answer all your questions.