Introducing SmartestEnergy

21 May 2021

At SmartestEnergy, we want to be more than just an energy retailer. We want businesses to see us as an energy partner they can trust, that will provide tailored, agile support as they move towards a sustainable future. The first step in building that trust is getting to know each other – so here’s a bit more about who we are, what we do, and why our approach is so different from other energy companies.

As a company, SmartestEnergy may have entered the Australian market fairly recently, but our team has decades of experience in the Australian energy industry, which means we can understand the unique challenges C&I businesses are facing and identify opportunities as they arise. We know that more and more Australian businesses are setting net-zero goals and seeking a more sustainable future, with organisations such as Atlassian and the Australian Medical Association recently calling on the Government to prioritise sustainability in our recovery from COVID-19. Yet despite the wealth of renewable generation in Australia, many organisations are struggling to access renewable energy. These barriers mean that for lots of Australian organisations, energy is simply an overhead – but we’re here to change that.

On a global scale, SmartestEnergy has been helping UK customers to become smarter energy consumers for two decades. In fact, we’re the UK’s leading purchaser of independent generation, supplier of renewable electricity, and provider of demand response services. We’re also established in the US, which means we’ve had plenty of experience help businesses navigate changing energy markets and optimise their sustainability journeys right across the globe. For the UK and US businesses we’re supporting, energy is an asset, not an overhead – now it’s time for Australian businesses to see the same benefits.

What we do

We help smart businesses to actively manage their approach to energy, providing them with the support and industry insight they need to make well-informed energy decisions. With decades of experience in local and global energy markets, our experts strive to understand a business’s unique goals and requirements before recommending bespoke energy solutions that can help them to achieve their goals and fully meet their requirements.

As we have no links to any generation assets, businesses can be sure that all of our proposed solutions are chosen solely on their capability to deliver on their goals. Once we’ve recommended a solution – whether that’s switching to a new buying strategy to secure cost efficiencies or taking out a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to achieve sustainability goals – we’ll provide ongoing support to ensure our customers get the most benefit from their energy strategy.

Why we’re different

At SmartestEnergy, we’re committed to working in partnership with businesses – because we believe that they need an energy partner they can trust to help them to navigate our changing energy landscape. We’re different from other energy companies because we are:

  • Refreshingly independent
    We don’t own any generation assets, which means that our only agenda is discovering the right solution for each customer. So businesses can trust our experts to provide them with unbiased, specialist advice and provide a tailored solution that suits all of their needs.
  • Dedicated to our customers
    We not only build all of our solutions with the individual business in mind, we also set out to provide businesses with an excellent service each and every time they work with us. Every customer has their own dedicated account manager, and they can call on our local customer service team to provide fast, friendly support whenever they need it.
  • Committed to providing accurate bills
    We know that businesses need their energy bills to be accurate, so if we foresee an issue that could cause billing inaccuracies, or notice an unusual spike or fall in consumption, we’ll contact the customer before they receive their bill to make sure they’re aware of the issue. We also provide consolidated bills for multi-site customers.
  • Locally located
    All of our Australian operations are based in Australia – we do not offshore our operations. From our customer service desk to our trading team, our main office is located in Sydney CBD.
  • Part of something bigger
    SmartestEnergy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marubeni Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, which means we have strong global backing and a robust balance sheet. We can therefore leverage our financial strength to secure competitive wholesale power from counterparties and our customers can agree long-term contracts with us with confidence.

Partner with us

If your business is ready to seize the opportunities the energy revolution will provide, we’re ready to support you every step of the way. To find out more about how SmartestEnergy can help your business, contact us here.

About the author:

Daniel Smith
Vice President Commercial

Dan is responsible for the commercial activities in Australia, primarily Sales, Operations and Marketing related to electricity retail. Dan started his energy career in consultancy in 2006 and joined SmartestEnergy to support the UK start-up of the Commercial & Industrial retail business. Dan led that division before coming to Australia. Dan has been central to developing the customer centric culture and renewable focus at SmartestEnergy. He is committed to supporting the Australian renewable transition, simplifying any complexity for businesses on their journeys.