Brand Launch: The Inspiration Behind Our Logo

In a continuation of our ‘Brand Launch’ blog series, Hayley Thompson, VP Global Marketing, wanted to take the time to explain the inspiration behind our logo and that ‘ah ha’ moment when we made adjustments to a switch concept that felt authentically us.  

Embarking on a complete identity change, we tackled our logo and colour palette first.  

What is that first impression you get of SmartestEnergy when you see us on or offline? Afterall it only takes 0.05 of a second for a user to form an opinion about your website when they land on it, or 0.1 of a second for someone to form an opinion of a person representing your brand. As we expand our operations, and recruit talent – first impressions, and substance behind those first impression matter.  

Our new logo:  

Our new logo has gone through a transformation, to represent us in a dynamic way – moving from analogue to digital. We can take our new ‘S’ and start to bring it to life through the movement generated by the small dot top-left.  

The small dot was inspired by the format of a simple digital switch that we’re used to using to turn on/off our smartphones. It’s simple, intuitive and transformational. It can move as fast as you want or need it to. Importantly for us, it can be used to talk to the switch that’s needed from fossil fuels to renewable energy. It can represent the dynamic nature of the energy system, as the grid balances supply and demand. It’s a simple but powerful tool for us to convey our brand in a way that cuts through the complexity of our industry; talking to the need for taking action to drive positive change in the system.  


As our logo takes on an animated form in motion graphics, we can move the ‘switch’, and bring our new brand to life. Explore how we’ve done this in our driving the transition animation released on launch.  

Fast-forward to 3:50 in our ‘Making the switch’ film and you can hear Louis Weiner, Design Director at Emperor talk to the importance of this movement, saying: “It just became an intrinsic part of the brand. You’ve got this real quick simple switch, that allows you to go from one point to another.” 

The many facets of the switch 

We have many ways to talk to the switch, and its relevance to us, that we’re sure over time will keep on expanding. Here’s a few examples of how it’s at work today in our messaging:  

  • For switched on energy decisions
  • Empowering a switched on generation
  • Switched onto net zero carbon 


It’s our hope that our distinctive ‘S’ in our new logo will go onto be easily recognisable. For now, we’re pleased to be able to dial it up and down as we work in both large and small formats. And in brand visuals, incorporate its shape in larger supergraphic elements. You’ll see our ‘S’ at use via our social channels, and our supergraphics at play in designed outputs; with a lively colour pallet that we hope catches your eye and keeps us top of mind when your thinking of procuring of clean, green, renewable energy for your business.  

Our distinctive ‘S’ – for small formats (e.g. social media) 


Our supergraphics – to add emphasis to our communications  


We didn’t land on our logo straight away, it took some tweaking to get it right. Recap on the journey we took to align on our new logo in our ‘Making the switch' film as we moved on from an initial version with two stacked dots, which sparked reactions of minions, fingernails and the Nintendo Switch!  

Please do drop us your thoughts or any feedback on the new logo and wider identity change by emailing [email protected] or reach out to me directly on [email protected]