Brand Launch: What our Brand Ambassadors Have to Say About the Change

In the lead up to the brand launch, I’ve worked closely with the wider marketing team to select and engage with Brand Ambassadors following an initial employee ‘brand reveal’ session we held at the end of 2022 to introduce the new brand concept. Since then, Brand Ambassadors across our Group Companies have supported us with the rebrand project and have been championing the change. They’ve also been great at providing us with feedback that’s enhanced the project as a whole. So, to wrap up our brand launch blog series, I wanted to provide you with a collated view of the first impressions and thoughts from the Brand Ambassadors themselves, some of which we’ve shared on social media over the past few weeks…

After the initial reveal, opinions were mixed, with some employees very excited about the change…

“At SmartestEnergy US we are so excited for the launch of the new branding. The new ‘switch’ logo and all the graphics are so dynamic, it really brings the look and feel of the company into a more modern, fun, digital space.”-Jess Gilbert, Head of Sales Operations, SmartestEnergy US

“The new branding scheme encapsulates everything great about SmartestEnergy. Variety, positivity, forward-thinking and receptive to change. The colour scheme is wonderful and the logo is vibrant and unique. There has never been a more exciting time to be part of SmartestEnergy, and the branding pushes us along this journey.” - Marc Newby, Deputy Head of Compliance and Regulation

Whilst others were not too sure at first…

"At first, I didn't see an issue with the old brand and a need for change. But after putting it to use I'm starting to really like the new brand. It definitely feels more modern, and the green theme reinforces what we are about.” - Mark Bonney, Head of Data Analytics, SmartestEnergy Australia

"Initially I didn't really like the luminous green in the logo, but it has grown on me. I love our new teal colour and new S-shaped switch logo!" -Pauline Reynolds, Senior Business Analyst, SmartestEnergy Australia

However, with the support of our brand ambassadors, following feedback and some small tweaks throughout, we developed the brand into something that our employees are proud to be a part of:

“The new SmartestEnergy brand is refreshed, on-brand and positive, aligning with our values, products and employees. Having been a part of SmartestEnergy Business (formerly Dual Energy) since 2012, I have experienced a lot of changes within the business and I'm excited to be involved and experience this one too! - Sophie Short, Business Support Manager, SmartestEnergy Business Limited

"I like how the new brand has come to life online and offline. The eye-catching design and colours not onlyprovide an excellent aesthetic, but also accurately reflect the practical approach toward advancing our sustainability-focused agenda. It is great working with the freshly rebranded templates, and I am excited to see the company push forwards under the new brand." - Matt Mears, Market Risk Manager, SmartestEnergy Australia

Having been with SmartestEnergy for almost 12 years, I have seen the company grow from strength to strength, andit’s been a pleasure being involved and feeding back on the new branding. SmartestEnergy is now a global company, and we want our brand to represent who we have aspired to be over the last few years. I think this is a great way of representing our journey to net zero and being transparent and simple to transact with. A fresh new look shows our customer base and employees that we are listening, taking in new ideas and working towards a better, inclusive, future together.” - Stephanie Stubbings, Head of Customer Operations, SmartestEnergy Limited

So now, as we take a step forward with our new brand, we are excited to continue to engage our employees in our journey and work with our customers and partners globally to lead the way to a 100% renewable energy system that delivers a better future for all.