REC Market Meeting 2024

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REC Market Meeting will again run a programme with three parallel streams. The streams will collectively cover topics that cater to the interests of more delegates from more countries than ever before. They will have an opportunity to hear from actors across the Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) value chain, including regulators, system operators, producers, traders, buyers, and end-users.

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Renewable energy producer and corporate buyer opportunities

The REC market offers an exciting opportunity for both renewable energy producers and corporate buyers. However, navigating its complexities can be challenging.

SmartestEnergy's experienced trading team can help you achieve your REC goals:

  • For Buyers (Corporates & Procurement Teams):

    • Optimise REC Costs: Reduce costs and achieve your sustainability goals through strategic REC purchases. 
    • Manage Market Volatility: Mitigate price fluctuations and ensure a reliable supply of RECs.
  • For Producers:

    • Minimise Risk: Hedge against price fluctuations and secure predictable income.

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